The JBL P1022 is a surprisingly powerful car subwoofer that brings loads of bass to your car’s stereo system. This sub placed highly in our review thanks to its immense output capabilities along with its substantial customer support backing. Decent power handling and a respectable frequency response range also helped this 10-inch subwoofer perform well. It lost a few points, however, due to its slightly lower sound quality. It was not extremely noticeable, but it did cause a bit of distortion when we raised the volume. If you’re looking for a sub that will rumble like an earthquake, the JBL P1022 will do just that.

JBL brings its expertise from years of experience providing quality audio to high-profile venues. Celebrities from Eric Clapton to Conan O’Brien and venues like the Olympics have all used JBL’s subwoofers and speakers. Since the inception of its modern-day incarnation as JBL in 1946, it has led the way in home, car and theater sound systems. With partnerships reaching as high as MGM, it is no surprise that one of their car subwoofers ended up on our comparison.

As mentioned above, the JBL P1022 is on our lineup mostly for its incredible output potential. Their car subwoofer boasts a respectable frequency response range of 25Hz-200Hz, bringing it in line with some of our higher-rated subs. Its power handling is a little bit lower than comparable products, coming in at only 400 watts of continuous power and 1200 watts of peak power. The truly impressive aspect of this subwoofer is its efficiency. According to its advertisements – and we didn’t find any reason to disagree in our testing – this subwoofer is capable of producing sound pressure levels of almost 100 decibels. With an efficiency rating of 96 dB, JBL’s car subwoofers will blow you away.

This car subwoofer’s sound quality, while not poor, is overlooked slightly to accommodate the impressive power that this woofer is capable of producing. Our testing revealed a bit of distortion as the volume increased. This is not uncommon in most subs, but it was just more noticeable in this model. At reasonable volume levels and with proper installation, this car subwoofer can reproduce music with remarkable clarity.

The JBL P1022 is backed by a respectable array of customer service, bringing email support, telephone support and a selection of tutorials. The speaker itself also comes with a user manual for specific documentation regarding wiring, installation and enclosure design. It is important that the enclosure you get matches your speaker, as this is essential for proper acoustics.

A FAQs page is present on their website for additional concerns you may encounter. The documentation is not extensive; a selection of only 20 car subwoofer questions is answered here. However, they have covered the most important questions and you will likely find the answers to most of your questions in this section.

JBL P1022 Summary:

If you want your subwoofer to rattle your car with massive amounts of bass, the JBL P1022 is the car subwoofer for you. This is one of the loudest speakers we were able to identify for our review and will certainly not disappoint you if you want to coax some serious power from your car stereo.

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JBL P1022

The P1022's efficiency of 96 dB is impressive.

The sound quality suffers at higher volumes.

The Verdict
: 7.88/10

This is a very powerful subwoofer for those looking for pure volume.